Deer Creek Dress and Tunic by New Horizon's designs

Last week, I somehow managed to pull off three pattern tests at the same time!  Phew. I loved all three patterns and my results were perfect for each one!

First up were the matching elastic waisted dress or tunic from New Horizon's designs.  I was assigned a tunic length top for my daughter and a curved hem dress for myself.  The most daunting task was choosing fabric to use for each!  I knew I wanted them to coordinate as I planned do to pictures together, and even with my extensive fabric collection, I struggled to find 2 things I liked well enough together!  I finally settled on a couple amazingly soft Double Brushed Poly choices.  I also decided on matching leggings for us, although I ultimately decided the leggings with my dress length did not work.  I went with a beautiful burgundy floral print double brushed poly for my dress (from So Sew English Fabrics) and a solid ruby double brushed poly for my daughter's tunic (from Purpleseamstress fabrics).  I also made up some matching leggins in Olive Green double brushed poly (from So Sew English as well).  Side note, if you have not tried sewing with double brushed poly, you need to give it a shot. This stuff is so soft, I felt like I was wearing a nightgown instead of a dress that day!  Do be careful with washing though, as it is a fairly delicate fabric despite its weight and warmth, and can easily pill or snag in the wash!

Back to the pattern at hand... This pattern has 3 different sleeve lengths (cap, 3/4 or long) and 3 different hem lengths (curved tunic, straight dress and curved dress).  It features an elastic waist with a casing, and I honestly found this method of construction the easiest yet!  Since there is no trimming of the seam allowance (phew!), I could use a serger to attach the skirt and bodice pieces leaving a nice finished look inside!  Also, it may sound like it may be bulky because the seam allowance doesn't get trimmed down, but the instructions call for very thin elastic, meaning there is no more bulk in this casing than other methods! I definitely recommend this pattern for beginners as its got clear instructions and simple construction!

Finally, I'd be remiss to mention, this dress has pockets.  You're welcome.

The patterns are available for purchase as a bundle, or individually (girls here and women's here) on the New horizons website!

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