Harbor Knot tee (times two) from Striped Swallow Designs

Sometimes I'm late to pick up on trends because I just don't love them. Sometimes I'm late to pick up on trends because I'm just late to the party.  The latter is the case for why I'm just now making the Harbor Knot tee from Striped Swallow Designs.  I know this pattern came out months ago, but it just never found itself at the top of my "to sew" list until now.  And man, am I kind of mad at myself for missing out on it for the past few months!  I recently took a peek through my closet to see what sort of pieces I was missing.  Turns out, I'm definitely low on long sleeve t-shirts.  I decided to make some interesting tops by using the harbor knot pattern.  I went with the slimmer/lower knot version as I prefer the look of that one. 

I made one top in a lightweight performance fabric since the athleisure trend is one I jumped into right away and will not ever willingly let fade!  I wear athletic leggings and tennis shoes frequently, but realized I don't have many mid weight workout tops.  I have lots of tanks and hoodies, but not much in between.  Enter my new neon pink Harbor Knot tee!  Its cute enough to wear around as an athleisure type top for preschool pick ups and errand running, but it can function as an actual workout top if I'm able to squeeze a workout in as well!  You'll notice the knot is on the opposite hip on this version... and that's because I hadn't realized I was cutting on the wrong side of my performance fabric!  Even with having cut my pieces backwards, the instructions for constructing the knot were so easy to follow!

The second version I made with a floral double brushed poly from So Sew English.  I wanted it to be a little dressier so I could wear it to work with slacks, but also pair well with jeans for a more casual look.  Once again, it turned out exactly as I envisioned!  I definitely will be making more in 3/4 and short sleeves as its such a flattering and interesting piece!  And, I think in the spring I'll have to get myself the add-on for the tank version as well!

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