Telluride Top Open back hack

If you follow my blog or other social media posts you know I have a thing for pockets. That's a given.  Something else I have quite the obsession with is open back tops to show off my interesting sports bras and bralettes.  The more straps a bra has the better, and I want to be able to show those off!  I did a super simple hack on the Telluride Top from New Horizon's Designs in order to turn a basic shirt pattern into an open back top! (I say "basic shirt pattern", but the Telluride is actually far from basic!! Its packed with options, I just used the basic options for this hack!)  I wanted to make 2 versions, one in athletic fabric to wear for working out and one in a bright print to pair with jeans!  My athletic fabric is from Hobby Lobby. (And its awesome! I just went back and bought it in 2 more colors because its an excellent weight and was super easy to sew with!)  The bright printed Paisley is from So Sew English fabrics.  I originally bought it to make leggings with, but I changed my plan and opted for a fun t-shirt instead.  I love all the colors in it, and decided to use some solid black ribbing for the cutout and neck binding for a little contrast.  I wrote up a quick tutorial on how I did this hack, which you can find on the New Horizon's blog!

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