Girl's Portlander Pants from New Horizons

A couple months ago I made a pair of pinterest inspired lounge pants using the Portlander Pants pattern from New Horizons Designs, and they were a hit! I wear them weekly because they are the most comfortable things I own, and they're cute enough to wear in public!

Thankfully, there is now a matching girl's version of the Portlander pants! You can pick up the patterns individually, or grab the bundle of both the girl's and women's if you are needing both patterns! I made my little girl a matching pair to mine... because I clearly have a thing for Mommy and Me sets! :)  I have to admit though, she is in a "dresses only" phase and did not appreciate these as much as she should! Her attitude towards them did improve a bit when a neighbor walked by and saw us in our matching set and gushed at how cute we were, especially her.  I also made her a pair of adorable shorts using the pattern that she thankfully does love, but haven't gotten to photograph them yet.  I'll definitely be making her more shorts for summer, and then try again with the pants closer to fall!

This is a ridiculously fast pattern to sew up.  Even with adding the grommets and making my own drawstring for the pants, I had them done and hemmed in 40 min.  The shorts only took me 15 total! Since my girl is still in a pretty small size, the shorts will be an excellent scrap buster!

I also made us some coordinating shirts to go with our pants.  Hers is a Dublin Dolman in an ivory brushed poly, and mine is a modified Key West Tank that I changed up to have an open back and side vented hem. (The Key West Tank pattern is free with a code found in the facebook group, FYI! Its an awesome basic pattern with several options, and also lends itself to lots of easy modifications as well!) The ivory brushed poly and the floral french terry for our pants are both from So Sew English Fabrics.

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