Made for Mermaids Vivienne and Dylan patterns

Made for Mermaids just a released a collection of coordinating family shirt patterns! There is something for mama, sis, brother, and for the first time: DADDY!  I tested 3 out of 4 of them (I sat out of the daddy one as I was a little too swamped to attempt that one this go round unfortunately).  I still have a couple in process I haven't finished and photographed yet, but I do have a mommy and me matching set I made for my girl and I, and another brother/sister set I was able to make!

The first version I made was a shirt length top for myself and a tunic length top for my girl.  I used some awesome Zebra jersey knit I had bought at several years ago.  I picked up the black and white stripes from Raspberry Creek Fabrics a good year or so ago as well, and the two fabrics have been hanging out on my shelf together waiting for the perfect pattern to use them with.  As soon as I saw the line drawings of the Vivienne patterns I knew this fabric pairing would be perfect for it!

The next set I made was a matching set for my son and daughter.  My kids are both OBSESSSED with all things construction, so as soon as we spotted this fabric at Joann's, they had to have it.  The girl has been asking for a construction dress ever since we bought it, so I knew these would be the perfect pattern to make them a matching set!  The stripes on these are also from Raspberry Creek Fabrics!

Be sure to pick up your copies of the patterns while they are on sale for release! There's Vivienne, Mama Vivienne, Dylan, and Men's Dylan... Or grab the family bundle of all four patterns for a HUGE discount! (but that is only available for a very limited time!)

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