Bayside Romper and Dress by New Horizons

Terra at New Horizon's Designs is one of the designers I regularly test for.  I adore her patterns and the instructions are always so clear.  The new Bayside Romper is no exception.  This pattern is PACKED with options, and all of the results from testing were awesome for all of the different versions!

I've had trouble in the past finding RTW rompers that fit me, as I must either have an incredibly long torso... or those are drafted for people shorter than average!!  I was so excited to be able to customize my own romper to fit me!  I made up a pants length romper for testing, and only had to add length to the pants pieces... the bodice fit me perfectly as drafted!!  I love the consistency of Terra's patterns too.  I normally do not need to add length to her top patterns (being 5'7" I am a bit over the standard 5'5" patterns are drafted for) but I do normally add a bit of length to her Portlander pants pattern... and I am pleased to say the new Bayside Romper falls right in line with that consistency!

The fun crossover back is not only a cute visual detail, its also super functional for easily getting the romper on and off without requiring any closures!  This was a surprisingly quick sew, even with all the neat features it has.  And with all of the options, you can make lots of different versions from one pattern.  Up next for me is a shorts version.... Then probably a mini skirt.... and then I'll probably make another pants version. And I need to make a color-blocked version like the cover photo of the pattern. Oh and I've already hacked the pattern to be a pair of joggers, so I'll have an upcoming post of a tutorial for that as well!

This version is all double brushed poly, so let me tell you, its like wearing the most comfortable pajamas possible, but is actually really stylish! I feel so sneaky when I can be this comfortable AND trendy! Striped fabric is from So Sew English fabrics and floral is from Knitpop!

Pick up your copy of the pattern now while its on sale!  You can find it here! You are going to want to grab this while it's only $8. So many options in one pattern!

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