Sommer and Mama Sommer patterns from Made for Mermaids

You KNOW a pattern is a good one when I make more than one during testing!!  And based on the fact that I completed SEVEN different versions, I would say the new Sommer patterns Catherine Muzatti designed for Made for Mermaids are some WINNERS!!  Yep, I really did make seven versions between the Women's and girl's version of the pattern (plus a few hacks, so check back on that later!), not to mention I had 4 other pattern tests going on concurrently. Phew.

Anywho, 6 of the versions were for my girl, and 1 of them was for me.  I'll share 4 of my daughters and also mine with you now, but I'm saving the 2 other versions that I hacked for later in the week! These patterns have so many options, from skirt lengths to strap styles and added ruffles... not to mention the countless hacks and mashes you can do with them!

The first version I made was my assigned version, a maxi length dress.  I chose to do the single straps, and also added the bodice ruffle.  The bodice itself is a cotton spandex knit from Raspberry Creek Fabrics, and the skirt and ruffle are a cotton woven from Hobby Lobby (from many, many years ago, although they likely still have it!) This is the girl's first maxi dress, and she loved it! Said she felt so fancy. (Don't let some of the pouty faces fool you, she DID love it, but she's 3.5 years old, so what do you expect!)

After I completed my first version (and fell completely in love) I started cutting out 3 more versions for the heck of it!  Then, for one I started for my daughter, I decided to make a matching dress for myself too, because... why not! For our Mommy and me set, the dress portion is a cotton spandex from an old Knitfix fabric from Girl Charlee.  Remember Knitfix!?  I'm still working through my stash that program helped me build!  The cute navy polka dotted bindings are a cotton spandex from Raspberry Creek. Its part of their club line and comes in a dozen fun colors (that are all so perfect for little accents like this!) I opted for dress length and the double straps on these versions!

Next up came a mash of the Sommer bodice with the hi-lo circle skirt from the Noelle pattern. These two are a match made in heaven!  My daughter absolutely adores the Noelle dresses I've made, but I needed a more warm weather friendly bodice to go with it, and VOILA Sommer to the rescue!  I used a cotton spandex from Hobby Lobby for the dress and straps on this version. Also opted for the single straps on this version! There is a whole post on the M4M blog about what other patterns mash well with the Sommer bodice besides Noelle, so go check it out!

Lastly, for my final dress version, I chose another cotton woven as the skirt and paired it with a pretty hot pink cotton spandex from Girl Charlee. (again, from ages ago... thank goodness for an overflowing stash to pick from!)  Both my daughter and son LOVE my little ponies, so this is a much loved dress by everyone in the house! I decided to do another double strap option for this as well!

Phew, if you made it through all that, then BLESS YOUR HEART! Sorry for the overload, I just loved this pattern so much I had to go a little overboard with it!  I still have 2 more versions to share with you, and they are some hacks using other Made for Mermaids patterns. It'll be posted on their blog on Thursday!  Be sure to pick up your copies of the patterns while they are on sale.  Also, I should mention there is a third Sommer pattern I have no use for anymore... the baby Sommer that includes a cute bubble romper! You can get one individually on sale, no coupon needed, or create your own bundle and save! Use the code BUY2SOMMER for $3off your bundle of 2 of the Sommer patterns or code BUY3SOMMER for $5off your bundle of all 3! Bundle discounts are only available during the release sale.

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