Patterns for Pirates - Linen Lounger pants

Although I do typically tend to gravitate to knit patterns, I am loving the recent trend by some pattern makers to include more woven patterns in their offerings.  I was lucky enough to test the newest pattern from Patterns for Pirates which were a pair of woven bottoms called the Linen Loungers.  The pattern includes hemmed pants or capri lengths, or two different shorts length options with either a cuff or curved hem.  It also includes either a elastic cased waistband or a knit yoga waistband. (helllllllo comfortable pants!) Two different pocket style options are also included (slat or patch) and an optional back pocket as well! There is also a kids version called the Little Loungers, and these are unique in the fact that they are unisex!

I made coordinating bottoms for my daughter and I during the testing period.  I made a pair of capris for myself and a pair of cuffed shorts for my daughter. (She made it clear several tests ago that she did NOT care for pants, and I haven't pushed the issue since! Somehow, shorts are perfectly acceptable to her though...) I went with the yoga waistband on both of our versions for comfort!  I used a linen fabric I found at Joanns in the red tag section about a year ago.  I think I paid like $3 a yard for it! The waistband is double brushed poly, and therefore amazingly comfortable!

I normally try to make more than one version of the pattern during tests, but I had alot going on in my life outside of sewing this week, so I only got to the shorts and capris this time.  I do have a pair of curved hem shorts cut out for myself out of some awesome tencel denim. I can't wait to get them made up! Definitely will be making up many versions of these for me and BOTH kids!

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