Made for Mermaids - Tara Top

I am so excited about this most recent release from Made for Mermaids!  My girl is in a stage where all she wants to wear is twirly dresses.  While I love a good twirly dress as much as the next girl.... sometimes its just not practical. I was SO HAPPY when we tried on this shirt and she absolutely loved it.  In fact, she wore it the whole rest of the day after we snapped our pictures.  This is rare.  Normally, I convince (i.e. bribe) her to take some pictures for me, then she immediately changes out of what we are photographing.  Not the case with this top!  This style is so flattering on her as well. The Tara top is amazing! I love the unique drape on the bodice, and can't wait to make some of the other sleeve styles soon!  The short twisted sleeve is next on our list.  I can tell this is going to be a staple in her preschool wardrobe this fall!

I think part of the reason she loves this top is because of how soft it is.  I used the last bit of some single brushed poly I had ordered from So Sew English last summer.  I love single brushed poly for tops because of the awesome drape!

Just to prove this pattern is a favorite of hers, here's a pic of the girl and her brother eating lunch several hours later.  Still in her awesome Tara Top!!  Be sure to grab this one to add to your repertoire.  I was not able to test the women's version, but I'll be picking up a copy of that one myself as I can imagine I'll love it as much as my little one does!

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