Back to school Sewing - Bedtime edition

There are some people who like to sew up elaborate, fancy, dresses with lots of ruffles and lace. Then there are some who just like to sew up practical, comfortable, every day clothes. I am the latter. Strange as it may be to some, pajamas are one of my most favorite things to sew up. While going through my kids’ dressers and closets in preparation for going back to school, I realized one necessity we would definitely be needing was several new pairs of pajamas. Yay!

I have already made the kid’s each a pair, but I decided they also need to have a matching pair, and they were so excited about that idea! I chose a different colorway of the same striped fabric from So Sew English for each kid: the red/denim for my son and paired with it with a solid denim DBP, and the pink/lavender for my daughter and paired hers with a black polka dot DBP for the coordinate. The 11th hour gear pattern from New Horizons Designs is my go to pattern for pajamas. I love the fit of the t-shirt on both my son and my daughter, and the joggers are the perfect fit for my son. For my daughter’s pajama pants, I use the Carita joggers instead as she prefers that waistband.

These kiddos love these comfy jammies and have asked for a few more pairs to wear while these are in the wash. They’re lucky that I also love sewing basic clothes like this… and it also helps they are both so cute!!

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