Greenstyle Creations New Swimsuit pattern - The North Shore

School is ending today for my oldest and the youngest is already done.... the pool is opening this weekend... and that means one thing: Swimsuit season is upon us!

I am so excited to have been able to test for a designer I've never worked with before!  I love Greenstyle Creations patterns and the athletic style and active lifestyle that she designs to!  I also love the fact that these patterns are drafted for a height of 5'7" which means I likely don't need to adjust too much for my height!

North Shore Swimsuit Options

North Shore Swimsuit Options

Greenstyle Creations has put out its first swimsuit pattern, The North Shore suit, and I don't think I can even list all of the different looks it can create!!  Thankfully, there is this awesome line drawing that helps illustrate all the options and different combinations.   It includes such a wide variety of options for coverage on both the top and bottom, it's absolutely amazing!

I generally prefer a very modest swimsuit but also want it to have some style! So, I chose to sew up a one piece (View A) with a full coverage front and the U  back.  I love the side cutouts to give it a little bit of interest!  The fit on this is spectacular and the only adjustment I made was to add a tiny bit of length to the bottoms.  Even though the pattern is drafted for someone 5'7", I typically have a longer torso than average, so I added just a 1/2" at the lengthen/shorten line of the bottoms and its perfect.  Other than that no adjustments or alterations were made. I measured an XXS for my bust and an XS for waist and hips, and the neat thing is I didn't even need to grade anything, I just used the XXS bodice pieces and XS bottoms pieces and attached them.  THIS is why sewing your own swimwear is a game changer.  Even though I am only one size different between my top and bottom, its hard to find swimwear that fits properly all over.  And with my taller than "average" height, store bought swimsuits are pretty much guaranteed to be too short. (Ready to Wear/RTW, i.e. store bought, clothing is most frequently drafted for people 5'5", which translates to clothes being about an 1" too short for those of us 5'7"!!)

I had gotten this nylon/Lycra swim fabric from Cali Fabrics last summer, and always knew it needed to be a one piece swimsuit to show off the awesome print. So glad I chose to use it for this suit as it is the perfect pairing!

I haven't decided which option I'm going to be making next...  but I will definitely make more of these suits as the fit is impeccable, the style is beautiful, and the options are almost endless! :)

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