Made for Mermaids Hudson Sweatshirt with a Side Panel Pocket hack

While I was helping out with the testing of the new Hudson patterns from Made for Mermaids, I made a total of 8 sweatshirts for my family. (we all got 2 each!) As I was making the last few, I came up with a hack I just had to try out, and gave it a go on my daughter’s second sweatshirt. I decided I really wanted to be able to construct the entire sweatshirt on my serger, and by adding the pockets to the front side panels and finishing the edge with a band, I was able to do just that! Score!

I’ve illustrated my steps below on doing this hack. You will begin by cutting out all of your pieces according to the pattern, except for the pocket pieces. Do not cut the two pocket pieces from the pattern. Instead, create you own pocket pattern pieces using the side panels. You can determine the depth and angle of your pockets based on your own preference. I have the women’s shown below. I thought the top point of the pocket would look most flattering angling down from the narrowest part of the curve, as shown in the first picture. Draw your preferred pocket line on your side panel piece, and trace this outline to become your pocket pattern piece. (or just fold the pattern on the line you drew and use that as your piece as I tend to do). You will now cut 2 pocket pieces (mirror images!) using this newly created pattern piece. Next you will need to create a band for the top of the pocket opening. My pockets measured 7”, so I cut 2 band pieces 2”X7”. You could cut them a bit shorter than the measured length and stretch them to fit if you’d like a tighter pocket opening. Fold your bands wrong sides together, then clip along the edge of your pocket piece, right sides together aligning the raw edges. Stitch the band in place using a 1/2” seam allowance, and press the seam down when finished. Place your pockets on top of your side panel pieces, and clip them in place. You could baste your pockets to the side panels along the sides and bottom, but I prefer to live on the edge and not baste them. :) Once your pockets are placed, you can finish assembling per the pattern, treating the side panels with the pockets as once piece and attach to the center panel.

And you’re done! It really is a pretty simple hack once you determine your ideal pocket size and angle! I love how this simple modification totally changes the look of the sweatshirt! I’d love to hear if you give this hack a try! I used some pink foil star French Terry from So Sew English for my sweatshirt. See similar fabric here!

And while we are on the subject of the Hudson patterns, here are some of our families Hudson’s. (With the center kangaroo pocket done per the pattern!)