New Horizon Designs Carita Joggers

Truth be told, I really have never met a jogger pattern I didn't like. I knew the Carita Joggers from New Horizon's would be no exception as I love how all of her patterns are drafted.  I anticipated the fit to be similar to the Portlander Pants pattern, just with a tapered jogger leg instead of the flared leg... and wouldn't ya know it, the fit was exactly what I had hoped for! A couple other jogger patterns I've used, I've had to tweak a little bit to achieve the final look I wanted, but I didn't have to do a darn thing to the Carita's!  The fit was spot on, and the length was perfect!

Top 3 Things I love about the Carita Joggers:

  • I love that there are separate pattern pieces for the various inseam lengths. That saves me a whole bunch of time that I would normally have to spend lengthening/adjusting! 

  • I love the wide waistband.  It is really comfortable (and flattering!)

  • I love the included capri length. This again saves time I would have had to spend figuring out where to cut it for capri length and calculating the cuffs. It's already done for me!

Top 3 things I don't love about the Carita Joggers:

  •  They're not called the Jody Joggers. That has a nice ring to it, actually.

  •  They were tested and released when I was busy with summer activities and I couldn't participate in the test or sew them up right away. The travesty!

  •  They didn't come with that extra hour each day I keep asking for in order to sew up all the pairs I want to.

...Obviously I have nothing to actually include in the "don't loves"!  The fit is spot on and the instructions are fantastic!  Pure love from me!

Oh, and the little one likes hers too!! She was upset with me that I skipped her drawstring and pockets though.  I should know better.  She comes by her pocket obsession honestly.... I was just trying to save time and test out the fit first since she's up a size from where she used to fall on the size chart! I could have guessed the spot would be perfect, but I do always like to sew up a trial garment first. Its always a win when the trial run ends up fitting perfectly!

I love how the fabric choice will completely change the look of joggers too.  I made this pair with a space-dye performance fabric from So Sew English Fabrics for working out (or at least looking like I'll be working out...)  But a french terry or DBP pair would be another great casual choice, or they could be made in a liverpool fabric for a dressy look!  I can guarantee that I will make a pair in each of those fabric types listed in the very near future!

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