Spring Sewing - New Swimwear pieces

Today is March 1st, which means spring and summer are right around the corner! Spring break is coming up in a few weeks and that always calls for some new swimwear! I love the idea of mixing and matching my swimsuits, so I tend to make separates that can pair with different pieces. For this swim capsule, I made all tops to pair with store bought bottoms I already have in my closet. I already have both high and low waisted bikini bottoms in both solid navy and solid black, so I wanted pieces I could wear with those depending on how much coverage I wanted on a particular day.

I chose two swim fabrics from Amelia Lane Designs, and decided to make a bikini top and rashguard from each one. The rashguards were very simple sews, and I just used basic tee patterns for those. The black/coral is the New Horizon’s New Orleans tee that I cropped, and the white/navy is the Made for Mermaids Lee Raglan that I also cropped and then added a wide bottom waistband to.

For the bikini tops, I wanted something comfortable with good coverage. For the Navy/White I chose to make a Greenstyle Creations North Shore bikini top. This pattern has so many options, but I decided to keep it simple as its mostly meant for wearing under the rashguard.

For the coral/black swim, I went rogue and hacked a tank top pattern into a swimsuit. I’m currently writing up a tutorial for that hack to be included on the New Horizon’s blog, so the steps I took for this modification I did to the Marbella tank will be found there eventually! I love the sporty look of this one!

Will you be sewing up any new swimwear for Spring and Summer? I’m sure these won’t be my only swimsuits I make this year, but I’m very pleased to have started with these sporty new pieces!

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