New Horizon's Summit Peak hoodie

Now that it is starting to cool off, especially in the morning, my little man wants a whole bunch of new zip-up hoodies to wear to school.  He especially loves pockets so he can keep his hands warm waiting for his bus. He also prefers zip-ups over pullovers as they are easier for him to get off if he gets warm at school. So many requests! I came through for him right away though and whipped up one version to get him started for Fall weather.  I also already have a second cut out and can't wait to get it finished! The new Summit Peak Hoodie from New Horizon's is here, and you need it in your lineup of you sew for kids!

The interesting details on this hoodie are just amazing!  I was intimidated at first and thought it may be a very time consuming sew, but even with the zip I found it came together incredibly quickly! I love the way the cowl stands up and almost covers my sons mouth and chin. It makes it look just so cozy!

I used a hodge podge of fabrics I had in my stash, many of which I had also used for my husband's elevation hoodie, so he and my little guy coordinate!  I also accidentally used a zipper that was about an inch too short for my size because I measured it incorrectly.  The pattern instructions are dead on for what zipper length to use.... this was complete user error!

My little dude adores his sweatshirt and was so grateful for it!  Can't wait to make the precious little guy a whole bunch more!

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