Sewing my Stash - Solstice Wrap

So a big part of my sewing goal for 2018 is to "sew through my stash".  This includes my pattern stash, AND fabric stash.  Obviously "new" is always exciting and I can't cut myself off from any new purchases, so I'll be mixing new patterns and old fabric, and old fabric and new patterns to keep me on track!  Its my game plan for using up some of my older items, but still keeping me engaged and motivated!

I have had this sweater knit in my stash for several years now.  It came in a flawed bargain lot from Girl Charlee and I immediately fell in love with it. Its soft brushed sweater knit from way back before "brushed" was even a thing. :)  It was a 2 yard cut with a black streak along one edge. Still TONS of usable fabric, but I could never settle on a pattern to use it for!  I was scared to waste it, but I hated that it had been sitting unused for so long. Then one day, I saw a beautiful Solstice Wrap from Striped Swallow Designs that a sewing buddy made in a solid color and I realized that pattern would be perfect for this simple plaid too!  I had been wanting a pattern that could be office appropriate but still super cute, warm, and comfortable and sure enough the Solstice Wrap checked all those boxes!

I am glad I saved this fabric until I had improved my sewing.  There's quite a bit of hemming edges on this pattern... which I admit used to intimidate me with sweater knits in particular! But thankfully (thanks to my walking foot!) I've got that pretty much perfected and it was a breeze!  The sweater came together super quick and once I tried it on I realized it fit perfectly on my first try! that's what I call a  WIN!!



Now that I've finally tried out this pattern I will be making a bunch more.  I think it would be awesome in french terry and double brushed poly as well!

Happy Sewing to you!

Portlander Pants

Small sampling of Pinterest Inspiration

Small sampling of Pinterest Inspiration

There are a bunch of beautiful,  floral wide leg lounge pants that show up in my Pinterest feed several times a day....  I have been absolutely swooning over them, so I took a little bit of time and fabric from my stash and made myself a pair using the Portlander Pants pattern from New Horizon's! (It was released prior to the name change, so you may remember it being from Terra's Treasures before she changed the pattern company name, just an FYI!)  The one thing missing from the "Pinspiration" pants is POCKETS!  If you've been following me for a while, you know that pockets are life and 90% of the time I will pass on a pattern if it doesn't have pockets..... Thankfully, there is a blog post on the New Horizon's website with a tutorial and extra pattern piece so that I could add some patch pockets to the front of the pants, therefore making them EVEN BETTER than the "pinspiration" pants!  :)

For my pair, I used a couple of amazingly soft rayon blend French Terry fabrics to make sure they are the most comfortable lounge pants around!  The floral print is from So Sew English, and comes in a couple other color ways as well.  The solid waistband is very lightweight, and ultra soft.  It is the perfect true "oatmeal" color I have been searching for!  I found it at Love Adore knit fabrics, and also grabbed a royal blue and black because one can never have enough solid color french terry's on hand! (or so I like to tell myself...)  These pants came together very quickly, and are exactly what I was looking for!  If you want to recreate these popular pants for yourself, you can grab the copy of the pattern here, and don't forget to check out the blog post mentioned above for adding the pockets!

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