Patterns for Pirates - "Take the Plunge Swimsuit"

I love pattern testing for many reasons.  Mostly, its for the challenge and to push me to try new things.  Well, I've just been pushed into making something I never thought I would.  I tested a swimsuit pattern!  I was able to be a tester for the new Take the Plunge swimsuit pattern from Patterns for Pirates. This test was very challenging for several reasons.  One, being that I've never sewn with swim fabric before... (talk about SLIPPERY!) and two, I had to photograph myself wearing said handmade swimsuit.  And ya know what... not only did I do these two things... I LOVED it!  I am now currently testing 3 other swimsuits patterns for myself and my daughter because now that I've jumped into this, I won't go back! (and once I start something, I admittedly go a little overboard!)

I truly have never had much of a problem finding suits that fit me or my daughter as we fit into normal ready to wear sizes easily, but now that I can actually customize them and make any small changes I need, I can make absolutely perfect fitting suits with zero compromise!

I am so excited about this suit pattern and the options it has.  I love ALL of the included options, and also the fact that it lends itself to lots of modifications too!  I plan to make a tankini version by modifying it a little bit, and I also cant wait to make a removable swim skirt for another version!

Sewing with swimwear fabrics is not to be rushed.  It is absolutely necessary to take your time and use care to keep the layers from sliding around. There probably is no such thing as too many wonder clips to keep everything stable!  This pattern is rated intermediate, but can definitely be tamed by even an advanced beginner sewist if they take it slooooooooow!

I chose a poly spandex performance fabric from Joann's for my test version.  I also accented with a nylon spandex swim fabric.  I lined it with traditional swimsuit lining fabric, also from Joann's.  I initially used some very thin sew in cups. (not really "cups" as they were just liners I pulled out of an old bandeau bra).  But, that thin layer didn't really give me the lift I wanted so I tucked another pair of more molded cups in and tacked them in place after the fact!

So, this is me, being brave and taking pictures of myself in a bathing. And then putting them the internet.  If I can do that, then you can make this and wear it to the pool or lake.  I can promise that you will feel like a goddess after you make your own swimwear.  Its definitely empowering being able to make something you feel so good in!

The Take the Plunge swimsuit pattern is on sale for a few days, so grab it soon and get started sewing so you can be pool or beach ready for the rest of the summer!

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