Well, I did it.  I've started a blog. I had toyed with the idea for quite some time, but never had the spark to actually do it. Until now! I've recently started testing new sewing patterns and wanted a place to be able to share my work. I don't think I'll ever have anything groundbreaking to share, but at least I'll have this outlet to showcase my crafts, creations, and ideas with anyone that may be interested.  My posts will mainly be about sewing, as that is my passion, but I'll be sure to sprinkle in a few other goodies along the way.

So, lets start with the basics, like who I am.  I'm Jody, and I'm lucky to be married to a pretty great man named Mark.  Together, we have 2 beautiful children, Mason and Madelyn.  I am a stay at home mom of these 2 little rascals, and most of my days are spent chasing them around and (unsuccessfully) trying to get them to eat something other than goldfish crackers and chicken nuggets....

My main hobby is sewing, and this hobby is the reason I have my business... so I can justify my fabric hoarding! I learned to sew in 8th grade home-ec class, and initially had such a passion for it, that I made my mom order every "sew your own stuffed-animal kit" in the catalog they sent home so I could sew to my hearts content.  Needless to say, I maybe finished one of those kits once that class ended, and didn't really do much sewing until many years later. It wasn't until after I had my first baby that I decided to take it up again, and began doing some simple applique work. I've moved on to sewing garments for myself and my children, and soon hope to sell some of these items in my shop. My sewing has come a long way over the past few years, but I still have a lot to learn!

After time with my family and sewing, my next favorite activity is golf.  I have started taking lessons and really hope to improve over the summer!  As frustrating as the game can be, I would love nothing more than an afternoon on the course with my husband!  Although we don't get out as often as either of us would like to, its still a fun outlet for us when we do get the chance!

Well, that's me in the smallest nutshell I could find.  I really look forward to sharing my creations with you.  I warmly welcome any positive suggestions or comments you may have! Stay tuned for my entry on the Tester Tour for the Blue Ridge Dress by Hello Holli!