New Horizons Bali blouse featuring a full back hack

I admit I am generally drawn to knit patterns before anything else.  But when I do finally use a pattern designed for wovens, I always question why I don't use them more!!  I had not made a Bali Blouse from New Horizon's Designs since I was a tester for it, which was well over a year ago.  I LOVE my Bali blouse I made in testing and wear it frequently.  But with the open back, I am little limited as to when and where I can use it.  I wanted to be able to wear a Bali blouse to work, so I did a very simple hack and made it with a full back instead of the open back!  I happened to have an awesome Rayon Challis in my stash from So Sew English that was perfect for this top!

I adore the little details this pattern has.  The button tabs on the sleeves and front gathering are per the pattern, and the pleat detail is part of my hack.  I wanted it to have the necessary ease, but I also wanted to make the hack as simple as possible.  Enter, the simple pleat!


All I did was take my angled back piece, and give it a straight edge at the center notch marking at the top.  I had to add a little extra at the bottom corner to fill in the pattern piece, so pardon the blue painters tape in the picture, but it was really easy to modify the pattern piece!  Instead of cutting two mirror image back pieces, I cut one on the fold.  I did place my pattern piece about 1.5" off the fold line and cut it to give that extra ease. (Also note, I used the "slim fit" pattern piece for this!) Then I added a pleat at the top center to make the piece fit the yoke part.  I originally planned to gather the back piece along the top center, but decided I didn't want gathering on both the front and back, so I swapped it out for a pleat instead.  I love the clean look it gives!

I am so pleased with how this top turned out!  I plan to wear it to work this week, and then want to make a whole bunch more!

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