Back to School 2018 with Made for Mermaids

Somehow, it's already time to start thinking about back to school again!  I haven't updated the blog since the last school year ended for my kids way back in May, so I guess you could say it has been enjoying a nice little summer hiatus too! 

PurpletealBTS001 copy.jpg

The Made for Mermaids team has put together a blog tour of back to school inspiration and I am so excited to be a part of it!  My little one has recently turned 5 and is off to Kindergarten in just a few weeks! {insert gasping and crying sounds} As crazy as it is to believe my baby is heading off to school, I know she is going to have the BEST time and will absolutely love elementary school. It helps that she will have the same awesome teacher that her older brother had last year!

The first order of business in preparing for school was to pick out her new backpack for the year.  After vetoing her first couple picks (I am NOT washing a light pink and fuzzy kitty backpack every other week, because lord knows how filthy backpacks get on the bus!) she picked out the absolute perfect backpack for her: a purple and teal flip sequin backpack.... and as an added bonus it comes with a matching lunch box! I *think* she likes it....

Next up was figuring out the perfect first day of school outfit.  It had to be a dress, but she already has so many in her closet that I needed to come up with something a little different.  I decided I haven't made her a new Vivienne dress in well over a year now, so that would definitely be something different than what's already in her closet! I started to dig through my (possibly excessive and overflowing) fabric stash, but nothing was jumping out to me to use. Suprise Suprise. So I started browsing my usual sites online and found this purple and teal geo fabric from So Sew English Fabrics that reminded me almost exactly of the flip sequins on my girly's new backpack! It was perfect!  I ordered it immediately and when it arrived, I set it out with a couple of my solid coordinates for her to pick from for the accents.  She chose both lilac and teal double brushed poly, and asked me to use one color on one side panel and the other for the second side panel.  I thought that may be a little much with the already busy fabric, so I had her pick just one solid coordinate, and she went with the lilac.  As I began to sew, though, I realized the two colors she picked were indeed perfect matches, so I decided to find another way to work both coordinates in as a surprise for her.  I remembered how much she loved pockets lately, too, so I decided to work the teal accents into the dress with the pockets and bindings.  When I showed her the final product she was SO excited!

I think this little lady is more than ready to head off to Kindergarten! :)

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